Let’s Start Talking About DNA Editing

By April 9, 2017 ROSA Speaks

Dear World,

We need to start talking about DNA editing. Here’s why —

It’s the most consequential form of technology humanity has ever held. It can get rid of our deadliest diseases, fix world hunger, and tackle climate change  — but DNA editing also challenges our deepest notions of what’s right and wrong. Some call DNA editing a weapon of mass destruction, some say it’s our best bet for making the world a better place – but most people? Most people don’t know what’s going on.

By having a public dialogue around DNA editing, we can ensure its used thoughtfully to build a better world. If part of that better world includes editing the very life code that makes us human, then all members of this human race ought to be part of the conversation on what edits we make to consciously evolve ourselves as a species.

I hope we’ll get to discuss the possibilities and perils of this new frontier. The positive potentials are too great to not move forward, but the risks are too dangerous to not be thoughtful.





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