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Introducing ROSA

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When Rosalind Franklin figured out the structure of DNA in the 1950s, she completely changed the world. She showed us the code of life in all its beauty. She showed us the very thing that made us, us.

After we learned what DNA looks like, we learned to read it. After we learned to read it, we learned to edit it. After we learned to edit it, we learned to write it. And then we learned to edit it some more.

All the while, everything we learned to read, write, and edit got digitized and posted online for all the world to see. There is more DNA data publicly available today than anything Dr. Franklin could’ve imagined in her time. There are more ways to edit DNA than people ever realized.

For the first time ever, a form of life on this planet has become the conscious editor of its own lifecode. The simultaneous flood of data readily available gives us the wisdom to thoughtfully wield our DNA editing powers.

I founded this nonprofit to teach the world how to read and write D.N.A. and thereby build a D.N.A.-literate world. It’s no coincidence that this is a nonprofit. The corporate governance structure is very important to ensure the overall goals are met in the most ethical ways and purely for humanitarian endeavors.

It will take time to fully build out the complete vision for ROSA. Along the way, your suggestions and input will be received with open arms.

This will be a vehicle for tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues; for tackling our thorniest debates as a species; for finding solutions; for asking the right questions; for pursuing ‘better’.

Let’s build a more well-informed society. Let’s build a life worth living. Let’s improve the human condition in the most fundamental of ways.

My very best wishes to the world and to the universe at-large. I humbly give you ROSA, the people’s D.N.A. company.


Suman Nag, Founder of ROSA